Untangle Me
Banvard Gallery
Knowlton School of Architecture
The Ohio State University

Envisioning Organization: A Conference About Architecture & Information

In November, 2010, Karen Lewis, faculty in the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University hosted a conference on data visualization and architecture. As part of the conference procedings, I was invited to create a typographic installation at the Banvard Gallery inside the KSA.

The gallery was gorgeous! Made mostly of concrete, the space was a challenge to work with my usual materials compared to the typical drywall I was used to. I used a great deal of steel in this project and fastened the pieces with magnets and a clever use of gravity. The project was more kinetic than ever before and the shapes took a back seat to the construction.

In keeping with the conference theme of the conference, this project is a visualization of Morse Code — a series of dots and dashes — with the addition of a flamboyant intonation and inflection to reflect emotion and patterns in verbal language.

The morse code translation reads UNTANGLE ME

. . - - . - . - - . - - . . - . . . / - - .